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My Raspberry Fizz

Since turning 18, i've become a big fan of cocktails... SO I thought I would share with you, my favourite cocktail, my own take to create my Rasberry Fizz...

You don't need any specific equiment to make this drink, a few simple ingredients ( Raspberries, Vodka, crémént...)


  • 15ml of mint syrup

  • 1/2 lemon juice

  • 120ml of crément

  • 30ml of vodka

  • a handful of frozen or fresh raspberries ( 60g)

  • a few mint leaves

1. Take your frozen raspberries and zap them in the microwave them for 20 seconds or leave on your kitchen table until they get colder.

2. Once they have cooled down using a fork or cocktail shakers, smash the berries until a purée. Add in the vodka and mix.

3. Transfer into your serving glass. Add the crément, lemon juice and mint syrup ( there is a link to my recipe here).

4. Decorate with mint leaves, serve with a straw

5. Enjoy X

Love Becca

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