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Who Is Bakes By Becca

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I remember, my mum’s black cookery book in the kitchen, it has gold written and red ribbon as a book marker. That’s really my first memory of baking.

So, who am I? Is the next obvious question because no one wants to read the words of a complete stranger.

I’m a plain ordinary teen- Well maybe not that plain, I’m loud, tall I defiantly stand out in a crowd. And ordinary, I don’t think so. I go to an international High School which is so cool, except the homework and the getting up early but everything else is cool. I go there because I’m British, but I grew in France. Which makes my bilingual, I speak English and French fluently and a little German.

I’m seventeen now, teenage years are kind of ok, I mean I haven’t had my head flushed down the toilet like you see in most films. At seventeen, I was diagnosed with dyslexia after struggling in school especially French.

I started baking, at three with my mum and by the age of 10 I was baking alone maybe with some help (hot oven). I would always bake for family and friends. At 14, my friend had a surprise birthday party and I make the cake. It felt so good seeing my friend enjoy my creations. Recently my mom’s work had an auction for charity. My mum auctioned 3 of my cakes, and it went for 3oo €.

The future of the blog? answered. The future of Bakes By Becca? So, currently still in school in France, this blog is a pass-time. However, I would like to attend university and then maybe open a bakery. Since watching Life as We Know It (amazing film) I have fallen in love with this idea, the idea of having my bakery.

I have tried loads of recipes from cupcakes to waffles, I want to share them with all you guys.

Becca XX

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