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If we met at a coffee shop...

What would I say? - have you got all day?

This is me Becca

On a serious side, I would say, I'm a 17-year-old with dyslexia and have recently been diagnosed with social anxiety. This is the fear of judgment and social settings therefore as most people do, I started a baking blog where I talk to people, I don't know. And dyslexia means I have trouble reading and writting. I was 17 when I was diagnosed, It felt like an awnser to my questions

Having this blog gives me confidence. I love Baking, I used to be in love with it, but my confidence got knocked after growing on Instagram. I started to delete my post again and again because of fear.

But on a more positive note I would say, I am a British teenager living in France and have so since birth. I currently go to an international school and bake for my parents to take too work.

I have tried so many recipes and have so many cooking books, I wanted to share with you all.

Follow me on Instagram where I post my photos. click here

Please let me know what you think on Instagram, or in the contact us section

Becca XX

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