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Ganache For Drips , Filling and Frosting

The first time I covered a cake with ganache I searched high and low for a good recipe, I finally found one and here it is

Ganache is a mix of heavy cream and chocolate. It's so simple you won't believe you can't go wrong. After following my ganache recipe- here you can chose how to use it .*

For drips:

To make drips, this recipe is ready! Ganache is perfect for drips.

Ordinary melted chocolate when setting would go back to the hard consistency of a chocolate bar, due to the cream the ganache won't harden but will set.

To use leave to cool at room temperature and add to a piping bag. Cut the end off and pip on to a cooled cake.

For filling

To fill your delicious creations like macarons or profiteroles

1. cool your chocolate ganache in the fridge until it has stiffened up.

2. With a hand or free-standing mixer mix for 2-3 minutes until it becomes a pale and light consistency.

3. Spoon or pipe your filling into your beautiful creations.

To make your filling EXTRA, you can add any of the following:

· a pinch of sea salt

· 2 Tbsp of salted caramel

· orange zest

· or liqueur of your choice

Simply mix your extra of choice in at the end.

For Frosting

1.Chill your ganache for 5 minutes in the freezer or 1h in the fridge

2.with a free-standing mixer or hand mixer mix until really pale and speadable.

3 Using a palette knife, spread your ganache on your cake.

Keep In the fridge for longer life.

Enjoy and comment

love Becca XX

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